GFED Series
GFED 1/2/3  Air Separation Plants

The GFED is a small air separation plant that produces liquid Oxygen and liquid Nitrogen by cryogenic distillation of cryogenic air. Capacities range from 4 to 7 metric tons per day.


The GFED is designed to minimize shipping and allow for rapid installation by providing the plant in three distinct pre-piped and pre-wired modules: the main air compressor, the warm end module and the cold box.


All of the machinery is designed to be air-cooled so a source of low voltage power is the only required utility. The plant systems are self-contained and can be completely installed outdoors, requiring only a simple foundation.


The entire plant ships in two 40-foot shipping containers.


The GFED plants are designed to meet the most severe operating conditions.


Over 50 GFED plants are currently producing liquid oxygen and nitrogen for medical, industrial, oil field and military applications in some of the most remote regions of the world.

GFED Series
GFED 1/2/3  Containerized Air Separation Plants
Oxygen/Nitrogen or Nitrogen Only

GFED Series plants are designed and built to the highest standards of reliability and efficiency to meet the most severe operating conditions. Each plant is assembled completely, thoroughly inspected and tested for performance under actual operating conditions to assure the highest Level of quality.


The modular design of the GFED Series plant minimizes transportation and handling expense and enables rapid on-site installation. Packaged for shipment in two 40ft ISO containers, the plant can normally be installed and commissioned within two days, requiring only a simple foundation. The equipment can be supplied as air-cooled, so power is the only utility.


Over 50 GFED plants are currently producing liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen for medical, industrial, oil field and military applications in some of the most remote regions of the world. Day after day, they demonstrate the reliability for which Cosmodyne has become known.


Standard Equipment and Features

  • High-performance ACD hydrodynamic bearing turbo expander
  • Cartridge-style rotating element turbo expander
  • Efficient, reliable oil free; centrifugal or dry screw air compressor
  • Proven TSA air pre-purification system
  • Choice of 50 or 60 Hz power systems
  • Ships as two standard ISO containers to minimize transportation expense
  • Complete with all interconnecting piping and electrical systems, ready for installation


Options and Accessories

  • CE compliance
  • Fully automatic digital process-control system with “touch-screen” operator interface
  • Air cooled, evaporative water cooled or dry glycol cooling tower cooled
  • Integrated cylinder filling system
  • Integrated product storage system



  • On-site or in-factory operator training
  • Installation and commissioning assistance
  • Extended warranty package
  • Service package


GFED Series
Performance Specifications