Pine4 Series
7-30 metric tons/day of Liquid Nitrogen

The new benchmark for high purity liquid Nitrogen generation.


The Nitrogen-only alternative to the Spruce range, the PINE4 is designed to maximise Nitrogen purity and recovery. The Pine plants are designed specifically to meet the challenge of ever increasing global power and fuel costs while maintaining the high reliability and mobility of a
modular design that is container shippable.


This innovative plant is built to meet the highest industrial gas safety and quality standards to ensure flawless and reliable performance under the most severe operating conditions. Designed to produce up to 1 ppm oxygen in liquid nitrogen.


Structurally ideal for emerging markets and remote locations, the Pine plants phenomenal efficiency makes it equally suitable for more long-term production applications.


The PINE plants are designed to efficiently produce liquid nitrogen when that is the only product required. The PINE series has a capacity range from 7 Р300 metric tons per day. The smaller PINE4 platform has a capacity of 7 Р30 metric tons per day.


The plant is prefabricated and skidded to enable rapid deployment and easy relocation.



Pine 4 Series Options

Pine4 Series
7-30 metric tons/day of Liquid Nitrogen
The PINE4 ASU’s meet the demanding needs of remote island locations and emerging markets.¬†With models ranging from 7 – 30 tons per day, the Spruce ASU plants were specifically designed¬†to meet the logistical, technical, infra-structural and environmental challenges of remote¬†locations such as tropical islands or emerging countries. They provide an elegant, cost effective¬†and robust solution to the challenges of island industry, or those locations where¬†infrastructure and technical resources may be limited. These flagship packaged plants¬†represent a new era for modular ASU’s, combining our Cosmodyne plant‚Äôs traditional robust¬†mobility with high efficiency and state-of-the-art control and PLC logic.
A vast amount of time and energy has gone into transforming our modular concept plants into¬†a product that meets the modern needs of these remote locations. Mobility, reliability, safety¬†and durability have always been important, but the cost of energy and resources is now a¬†primary concern for all of our customers, as is the need for fast and inexpensive technical¬†support. We have utilized innovative thinking and the phenomenal technology now available¬†in the world of instrumentation and PLC control, to create a solution that represents a whole¬†new platform of small ASU’s. We‚Äôre extremely proud of the PINE4 Series.

Benefits and Features of the Pine4 Series

  • Simple, modular design: The entire unit ships in 3 standard containers, ensuring the equipment arrives in pristine condition regardless of the location.
  • Robust but highly efficient, with low specific power equivalent to much larger plants.
  • Pre-piped and pre-wired for an effortless and simple installation process.
  • No pipe or equipment construction required on site.
  • Single point electrical connection provides an almost plug and play solution.
  • Simple foundations do not require complicated civil work.
  • All components meet the highest safety requirements of our Industrial Gases partners and EIGA.
  • State of the art PLC & control elements system allows for remote optimization, remote startup and operation of the plant.
  • The Control technology also ensures fast, inexpensive and effective remote assistance, 24/7, from¬†our support team. In the event that troubleshooting is required, help is a phone-call away.
  • We are the only supplier that provides the option to test and pre-commission the plant at our¬†manufacturing facility prior to shipping.
  • The customer is invited to witness the commissioning and full cryogenic production performance¬†testing first hand to eliminate uncertainty and risk.
  • Easy relocation of the plant if required.
  • Designed to function effectively across a range of climatic conditions, from temperate to hot and¬†humid tropical locations.
  • Virtually turn-key storage, pumping and cylinder-filling solutions available.
  • Produces high purity liquid for medical or industrial applications. Purity spec easily adjusted to¬†suit the market requirements.
  • Various models providing capacity from 6 to 30 tons per day

Pine 4 Series Options

Pine4 Series
Production based on Standard Design Day conditions of 26¬įC, 70%RH, 14.7 psia, 29¬įC cooling water.
Nm¬≥ defined at 0¬įC, 1.0 atm
Liquid nitrogen subcooled to -188¬įC / 85K