SPRUCE Series – Air Separation Plants


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The SPRUCE plant is a small sized air separation plant designed to produce liquid nitrogen, oxygen and, as an option, oxygen or nitrogen gas and range in capacity from 7 to 20 metric tons per day. It is designed to meet the challenge of increasing global power and fuel costs while maintaining the simple reliability and mobility of a modular design. This innovative plant is built to the highest standards to ensure flawless performance under the most severe operating conditions. Structurally ideal for emerging markets and remote locations, the SPRUCE’s high efficiency makes it equally suitable for more long-term production applications.

Each SPRUCE plant is tested at our facility to ensure hassle-free installation and operation.

SPRUCE SERIES – Air Separation Plants


The SPRUCE plant incorporates many design features which make the plant extremely attractive for these smaller capacities. The piping layout is designed to optimize and reduce pressure drops while facilitating the rapid deployment of the plant. Field installation requires only the erection of the Cold Box, installation of the two compressors alongside the air treatment module, and the connection of electrical power supply to the compressors and to the air treatment module. In addition, the modular concept provides a higher level of overall quality assurance by maximizing the ratio of work performed at Cosmodyne’s facility to that performed on site. The plant is skid-mounted, pre-wired and pre-piped, with only four loose-shipped piping spools. The entire plant ships in one 45’ foot and two 40’ foot standard ISO containers. This means that shipping costs are minimizes and the plant is well protected en route to its final destination. The plant requires only a simple foundation and, under normal conditions, can be installed and commissioned within 7 days. The smaller SPRUCE plant is completely air cooled, with chiller ventilation and booster after-coolers both venting vertically upwards, improving both efficiency and operator comfort. The design allows for production capacity at ambient temperatures of up to 40C.

Standard Equipment & Features


  • High efficiency air cooling utilizing oil-free centrifugal compressors with low power consumption.
  • Low bearing-loss, roller-element ACD turbo-expander. Roller element bearings allow excellent loss-of-power protection for rundown: ideal for situations where electrical supply is unreliable. The rotating assembly is designed to be easily removed or installed for maintenance.
  • High efficiency turbine and booster-compressor. The expander booster-compressor utilizes the available energy from the highly efficient, near-isentropic expansion at the turbo-expander. In other plants of comparable size the energy from the turbo-expander is simply dissipated via an air brake. In addition, their hydrodynamic bearings are sensitive to oil loss during power failures.
  • Heat exchanger design incorporating a highly efficient sub-cooler for liquid products, as well as the latest technology in high performance fins, with close approaches that achieve remarkable process efficiencies. The heat exchanger is able to extract more energy from the process to considerably reduce power consumption.
  • Distillation columns with the latest tray designs for lower pressure drops and high yields, allowing for the possibility of 50 ppm O2 in nitrogen product.
  • Dual compressor design which incorporates an air compressor and a recycle compressor, enabling a significant reduction in adsorption and chiller power consumption.
  • State of the art control system designed to allow unattended night shift operation, if required. Control elements are automated via an HMI interface, enabling remote optimization, problem solving and start-up, thus eliminating many of the issues related to operator performance. The system monitors, controls and protects the vital elements of the plant. Travel and field service expenses can be drastically reduced and plant settings can be quickly corrected to maintain optimal production levels, through the utilizations of experienced field service support via the remote connection.


Options & Accessories

  • SPRUCE product handling and storage solution – A complete system package for liquid oxygen and nitrogen storage, process monitoring, and safety systems, liquid transfer, high pressure pumping, high pressure vaporization and liquid disposal.



  • On-site or in-factory operator training
  • Installation and commissioning assistance
  • Extended warranty package
  • Service package
  • Aftermarket spare parts support
  • Aftermarket technical support



Cosmodyne is a world leader in the design and manufacture of air separation plants. Each Cosmodyne system is designed and built to rigorous standards of quality and workmanship from nearly a half-century of experience. From proposal to installation, our sales, engineering, manufacturing and field-service personnel continually demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction.  And this commitment doesn’t end with delivery — our field-service staff is ready to serve you 24 hours a day, wherever you are.  When you buy a Cosmodyne plant you can be sure you will receive a quality built and reliable plant.

All plants, regardless of destination, are built to the following codes:

– Pressure vessels: Per ASME Section VII, Div. 1 and includes code stamp and name plate

– Piping systems: Per ASME B31.3

– Electricals: NEC, NEMA and UL standards

Additional code compliance available including: CE/PED, CRN/CSA, GOST, MIL-SPEC, API and various marine certifications.

Prior to shipping, each module is tested for pressure, strength, tightness, and control functionality.


SPRUCE Series Performance

Production based on Standard Design Day conditions of 26°C, 70%RH, 14.7 psia, 29°C cooling water.

Nm³ defined at 0°C, 1.0 atm

Liquid nitrogen subcooled to -188°C / 85K