Cosmodyne has been an established manufacturer of cryogenic plants since 1958 with more than 400 plants in operation around the globe. Our portable and modular air separation units are quickly shipped and installed, enabling the shortest commissioning time in the industry.



Cosmodyne specializes in creating Customized Cryogenic Solutions for LNG and Air Separation Plants. Frequently our clients want solutions that don’t necessarily fit our standard offerings but require our expertise. Cosmodyne is well known in the industry for collaborating with our clients to provide them with unique plants that meet their specific requirements. Please contact us for your customized requirements.




Below are a few examples of the many customized solutions we’ve provided to clients:

  • Shipboard air separation plants
  • Nitrogen generators that met a specific capital and energy efficiency target
  • Large air separation plant that was designed to store low cost (off-peak) power as liquid nitrogen to avoid operating the recycle compressor when high cost (peak) power rates are in effect.
  • Debottlenecking and power reduction projects on existing Cosmodyne plants


We have the capability to handle your specific requirements. Each of our key engineers has well over 20 years in cryogenic design experience.